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Cleantech Holland
Cleantech Holland is an export organisation and platform for Dutch clean tech businesses, universities, governments, and nonprofit organisations. Cleantech Holland wishes to make a valuable contribution towards the achievement of the national, European and international climate objectives. It will do so by promoting the products and services of Dutch clean technology companies on the international markets. The world is our market and we actively promote our solutions worldwide. We are committed to advancing sustainable solutions for the benefit of the economy and the environment.The tools we use to promote the Dutch Cleantech sector are; incoming and outgoing trade missions, Holland pavilions at international tradeshows and exhibitions, international matchmaking services, study tours, promotion materials and much more.{kolom}Cleantech Holland would like to inform you about Dutch products, services, solutions and innovations in the Cleantech sector. Please contact us if you are looking for specific solutions or are interested in meeting Dutch companies and organisations. We as Cleantech Holland organise multiple incoming trade- and innovation missions here in Holland. We would be more than happy to assist or inform you. Let us know what we can do for you.Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, inquiries or remarks.  
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Dhr. Rogier Blokdijk
Research / Adivsory, Assocation
Hansa Green Tour
Hansa Green Tour is a 3-Days international networking tour for companies, policy makers and knowledge institutions who want to promote sustainable technology and renewable energy in Europe. All participants drive with electric or alternative energy vehicles to visit sustainable initiatives and networking events along the route to share experiences and best practices. To establish new contacts and inspire each other. Drive your clean energy business foward and get on board!Summer edition: Netherlands - Germany - DenmarkWinter edition: Netherlands - Germany - Austria (in cooperation with World Sustainable Energy Days)
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Dhr. Roel Swierenga
+31 (0)6-55567218
VBMS, a subsidiary of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., specialises in subsea power cable installation, Balance of Plant maintenance for the renewable market, SURF installation for the oil & gas market and installation of interconnectors. The company delivers added value with its robust end-to-end project management and multi-disciplinary grid-to-grid solutions. We collaborate closely to understand each project's particular goals and objectives, eliminating time-consuming interfaces to increase overall efficiency.{kolom}Safety above allVBMS is committed to sound QHSE principles as the key driving force behind a continually improving business. VBMS has engineered an effective safety culture, with management scorecards that aim to improve safe conditions and encourage pro-active behaviour. Our clients rest assured that we aim to eliminate QHSE hazards at source and/or reduce them to as low as practicable. Engineering expertiseBy choosing VBMS, you're choosing to trust the industry's most skilled engineers. We utilise state-of-the-art technology to maintain consistent quality controls. This focus on quality helps to mitigate the inherent risks attached to any offshore project. It's VBMS' focus on expertise and quality that has given us a reputation for delivering solutions on time and within budget.Specialised vesselsWith VBMS, you're assured that specialist equipment is available – whatever your project needs may be. Our vessels are specifically designed for laying export cables and array cables. However, if your project has specific challenges, we also design and fabricate special equipment at our private facilities. With our leading edge on innovation, we are proud to meet the challenges that your project provides.  
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Dhr. J.S. Wattel
+31 786417500
Wind Energy, Pipes/Cables/ Natural gas or biogas distribution
Capturing and concentrating CO2 at low cost for direct use and production of fuels and chemicals, with renewable (solar, wind, etc.) energy. ANTECY’s technology transforms the negative of CO2 into a positive, whereby CO2 becomes the ideal renewable resource for our Carbon Economy. The technology developed by ANTECY, captures and concentrate CO2 from air and/or flue gas streams into a high purity CO2, suitable for the synthesis of fuels and chemicals such as methanol, DME, gasoline and formic acid, which can be applied within the current industry infrastructure. The high energy density fuels produced, are suitable for transport and/or seasonal energy storage. Harvesting carbon dioxide from (ambient) air and converting with renewable energy into valuable high energy density molecules, useful as food, fuel and chemicals is often touted as the holy grail of advanced scientific development.{kolom} Over the last 5 years ANTECY has developed the crucial technology for low cost carbon capturing and concentration, which still was the missing link to making this possible. The unique enabling and proprietary features of ANTECY’s technology are:  1)      A low cost environmentally friendly and robust                  (non-amine) solid sorbent system. 2)      Low energy and value of heat required (T<80oC) for          the capturing and release of the CO2. 3)     The energy efficient integration of the various                    steps in the overall process. ANTECY’s CO2 technology distinguishes itself from the competition by using a carbonate salt sorbent instead of the classical liquid amines or the newer but more costly solid amine systems, which often suffer from issues related to corrosion, low stability and degradation.     
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Dhr. Sasa Marinic
+31 (0)33-2540473
Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Fuel cells/Fuels
Deepwater Energy BV - Oryon Watermill
Over 70% of our earth's surface consists of water. It means that there are a lot of places where energy can be generated. The Oryon Watermill is an innovative hydropower plant that permanently generates renewable energy out of flowing water. This installation can be installed in river cribs, tidal or in forced streams. Installing an Oryon Watermill is customization, which means it can be adapted to almost any location. A site survey will always be performed in advance. In this way the best place, where the highest efficiency can be achieved, will be determined to install the Oryon Watermill. Do you want to know more about this application, please visit our website and contact us.
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Dhr. Dolf Pasman
026 20 20 299
Hydro Energy, Energy from water, Smart grids, Accumulators, Research / Adivsory
World’s most solid solar systems. Your installations are remote and off-grid and face extreme conditions. That is why they need a solid solar energy system. Based on your needs and your unique circumstances TSS will design such a system for you. We’ll keep you going… Always.   The solid partner to energize your operation.   At TSS you’ll benefit from the worlds most concentrated resources of stand-alone solar energy expertise with over 15 years of experience in research, design, consultancy, sales and implementation. We serve our customers through our offices in The Netherlands, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, and through selected partners worldwide… Always.   High performance and smart design. TSS uses high performance components and combines them with the smart design of our solar energy systems. Maximizing performance, minimizing cost… Always.   Building solutions with you. Working with our customers we also co-create entirely individual solutions. We develop new techniques with customers and suppliers ensuring we provide you the best suitable and most solid solar energy system possible. Building solutions not just for you, but with you… Always.   Hazardous area’s (Ex-proof) TSS is one of the few solar companies worldwide certified for the design, engineering and supply of ATEX Zone 1 systems. Our solar energy systems pass the highly rigorous ATEX/IECEx standards for explosive environments. Enabling our customers to safely meet their power requirements in hazardous environments… Always.   Quality TSS is an ISO9001 certified company.   We’ll keep you going … Always.
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Dhr. Patrick Groenen
+31 40 235 1702
Solar Energy, Energy saving electronics, Industrial equipment and processes, Batteries, Research / Adivsory
Jazzy Remix
Jazzy Remix: independent business development, project management & consultancy services for a sustainable transition to renewable energy and for the go-to-market process of innovative green technology solutions ... with a twist ...When you have a promising new technology in the field of renewable energy we look forward to support you with your development towards an established global corporate and/or product brand.
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Dhr. Sjirk vd Goot
Biogas/Biofuels, Industrial equipment and processes, Fuel cells/Fuels
Hybrid Europe B.V.
Hybrid Europe B.V.Hybrid Europe B.V. manufactures, distributes and sells the Hybrid, a range of smart, all-in-one energy storage and distribution systems for leisure markets, homes and small to medium businesses. Thanks to the innovative hybrid inverters and patented Lead Crystal® battery technology, you are now able to determine when and how much of your self-generated solar or wind power you want to store and to use it whenever you like. You can choose from grid-tied with back-up, completely off-grid, load shaving, grid stabilisation or blackout prevention on the UPS setting (uninterrupted power supply) or a combination of functions depending on how you require the power.{kolom} We are fully commited to repsonsible engineering of the safest, greenest possible future for you and your family. Our commitment is to supply you the most advanced, reliable, safe and cost effective range of energy integration products made from recycled and nearly 100% recyclable materials in our Hybrid power storage solutions. Systems are engineered to meet the world's growing energy demands.
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Dhr. P. Kemper
+31 6 11381508
Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Batteries
Ecovat Energy Storage System
At this time, the built environment and agri-food sector are eagerly looking for heat storage solutions. The currently known systems only store energy for short periods of time or the realization of such a system is not economically cost-effective. However, the Ecovat energy storage system has an innovative principle: affordable long term thermal energy storage. On the cutting surface of renewable energy, the built environment, and agri-food, Ecovat is the missing link.
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Dhr. Aris de Groot
Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, District Heating/Cooling, Smart grids
Archimedes Solutions
Archimedes Solutions works under the brand name of Arteq Power on the development of OTEC Technology: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. This technology can be used to extract Power out of thermal differnces in tropical areas.The same technology can alos be used to extract power out of industrial waste heat.We advise, design, deliver the equipment and are even willing to invest together with our customers.
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Dhr. H.M.D. Lever
Energy from water, Wind Energy, Industrial equipment and processes
Nijhuis Industries
Solid solutions in a fluid worldNijhuis Industries delivers ‘solid solutions in a fluid world’ as a response towards a greener economy. Nijhuis is aiming to turn cost centers into profit centers with solutions for sustainable water use and resource recovery.To accommodate the customer requirements, Nijhuis offers customized systems, solutions and added value services to meet today’s challenges, as well those of the future, across a wide range of industries and municipalities in today’s ‘fluid’ world. Application know-how in (waste)water, process water and wasteWe strongly believe that through combining our application and process know-how and longstanding expertise in a large number of industries, we can deliver solid solutions with the highest level of innovation. Nijhuis was founded in 1904 and our flexibility and customer-oriented approach have been important values in our company history.More than 2400 Industrial & Municipal ReferencesWith more than 2400 references around the globe we have gained unparalleled knowledge in a wide range of industries, meeting or exceeding the industry standards. Every industry has its own specific (waste)water process and characteristics. Our reference base includes clients from multinational to local companies, treating (waste)waters between 25 and 25.000 m3 per day, treating organic wastes between 10 and 900 ton per day or combine both streams together in one process. With intelligent services such as i-CONSULT, i-CONSTRUCT and i-MONITORING and in-house systems and solutions such as Nijhuis AECOMIXTM, (High Rate) i-DAF, i-DOSE, GENIAAL, BIOCTOR, Ammonia Recovery and i-FAT we help our valued customers to meet their increasingly demanding sustainability requirements. {kolom} For example in the food & beverage industry we deliver solutions to turn wastewater and organic waste into clean water, energy, biobased fertilizer or biofuel and disinfect process water with ozone technology. We have a long-standing experience and application know-how in treating wastewaters from breweries, beverage producers, food processing, confectionary, dairy and edible oil processing plants. For the protein processing & biofarming industry, Nijhuis has years of experience in designing complete wastewater treatment plants and recovery of energy plants turning manure and wastewater into value. For the cooling tower industry Nijhuis offers ozone technology, which is the most efficient, safe and sustainable (no use of chemicals) way to remove pollution and bacteria such as legionella from e.g. hospital, power plant or data center cooling water. Our unique portfolio for the municipal & sewage industry consist of the supply of (waste)water consultancy and equipment delivery, through to providing a complete integrated solution encompassing design, civil & MEICA installation/commissioning. The Nijhuis sedimentation systems have proven to be very successful in the market, supplied in either concrete, stainless steel or (super) duplex performing in the most harsh conditions. For the oil & gas industry Nijhuis Industries offers solutions for the removal of hydrocarbons and other contaminations from wastewater, executed as a ATEX zone 1 and/or Norsok classified system. We also provide solutions for treating wastewater prior to reuse in the production process or discharge.
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Dhr. Menno M. Holterman
+31 (0)314 74 90 00
Energy from water, Biogas/Biofuels
Independent Energy BV
Independent Energy is dedicated to autonomous power supply and specialised in off grid solar systems. Being a wholesaler and system integrator, we design and manufacture off grid solar systems in house. This enables us to deliver, install and service complete projects. Projects from small 1kW house-size systems to large complete “plug and play” installations, supplying continuous energy to an industrial application, hospital or village. Where the heart of the system is often solar based (photovoltaic panels and batteries), our strength is in the integration with an electricity grid, a diesel generator and even a wind turbine.{kolom} Over a decade of experience in off grid solar is integrated in our systems. Standard or especcially designed for the application, our systems are built to last and perform without surprises. High quality & system reliability is our standard. The systems can be monitored via the internet allowing to assess the performance real time.Independent Energy recently launched a range of standard (1 to 5 kWatt) pre-configured "plug & play" systems, enabling easy installation and avoiding complicated set up.Independent Energy is distributor of Victron Energy, Morningstar Solar controllers and Exide batteries.
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Dhr. Frank Hoogers
+31 (0)23-7114389
Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Smart grids, Batteries
SolabCool BV
  De Beijer Holding has several companies among which SolabCool BV and Sweat BV:       SolabCool - cooling with heat - SolabCool is an environmental friendly cooling system with no CO2 emission that uses residual heat that is normally lost to the environment. Key to the sustainability of SolabCool is the "sorption cooling" technology. This technology uses waste- and solar heat as a source of energy to make air-conditioning which saves a lot of energy. The SolabCool cooling system is an unique and ground-breaking sorption system by its compactness and range of power the ability is obtained to be used in both buildings as well as homes.       SWEAT BV is a unique solid thermochemical heat pump for Cooling, Heating and Storage applications. SWEAT BV is also creating a thermal battery that uses thermochemical materials with high energy density that can supply required heating, cooling and domestic hot water for a dwelling with up to 100% renewable energy sources (sun) throughout the year.          
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Dhr. Henk de Beijer
Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, District Heating/Cooling, Energy saving electronics, Industrial equipment and processes, Batteries, Research / Adivsory
InnovationQuarter is the regional economic development agency for the Dutch region of West Holland. The mission of InnovationQuarter is to unlock the innovation potential of the region with the objective to strengthen the regional economy. InnovationQuarter stimulates innovation through fostering of partnerships; developing business clusters and innovative business cases and through participating and investing in companies established in the region. As foreign direct investments play a key role to reach this objective, InnovationQuarter has a dedicated team in place to promote the region, attract foreign companies and investors, and facilitate them in finding the right locations and facilities for setting-up or expanding business in West Holland. Our business professionals can assist you with our tailor-made services, know-how and networks which are especially extensive in Clean Technology, including Water & Deltatechnology, Biobased Economy, Sustainable Energy and Industrial Biotech. Our services are provided on a confidential basis and free of charge – as our organisation is financed by public partners.
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Dhr. Loek Becker Hoff
Energy from water, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Smart grids, Fuel cells/Fuels, Research / Adivsory
Solartechno Europe B.V.
Solartechno Europe B.V. was established in 2004 with the name Solar Advies, by owner and CEO IR. Marco Ghirardello.  Marco has many years of experience in the photovoltaic sector. The company provided, with the help of installers, lots of roofs, grounds and greenhouses with solar panels. We had and still have several big solar projects in Italy. Because we buy big quantities we are able to quote good and competitive prices. Therefore we can also offer good prices for projects around the world. Solartechno provides competitive solutions for residential and commercial PV systems, both in terms of distribution and installation. We operate through a network of suppliers and local partners in Italy, The Netherlands, Benelux and Germany to match demand for large, medium or small systems. We always assess customer's technical and financial needs before suggesting suitable solutions.
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Dhr. Marco Ghirardello
Solar Energy, Smart grids, Batteries, Research / Adivsory
Torque Wind Turbine
The description: The Torque® - small wind turbine with maximum return at lower height   The Torque is a small, modular build, vertical wind turbine of the newest generation, with countless advantages. Due to the sophisticated and patented design the Torque is the best working small wind turbine under all wind circumstances. The dynamic blade system optimizes the conversion of wind energy while moving with the wind direction and minimizes at the same time the loss of energy while moving against the wind. Because of this the wind turbine is very efficient in the conversion of wind energy to electricity, also during the frequent wind direction and wind speed changes at lower height. Already at low wind speed the drag and lift forces enable the turbine to produce electricity and even during a storm with strong wind gusts the Torque can supply useful electricity without to bolt.   The Torque does, due to its relatively low height, hardly disturb the landscape scene, burden neighbors with long moving shadows and makes thanks to the design also nearly no noise. On top of that it was designed to be at least 10 years maintenance free. The Torque is just doing what a wind turbine should do: produce as cheap as possible a lot of clean energy.   With these advantages the Torque is a perfect solution for use in dense populated regions, on islands and near villages with a valuable natural landscape. Also for agriculture applications and use on cell and light poles alongside highways the Torque is due to its height and limited noise extremely suitable.
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Dhr. Wil Joosten
Wind Energy
A. Hak Renewable Energy B.V.
A.Hak is an international family-owned company with over fifty years of experience in design, construction and maintenance of the infrastructures for transport and distribution of oil, gas, water and electricity. Experience that is put to good use in the field of renewable energy solutions. The division Pipelines & Facilities is active in design and construction of the infrastructure for district heating and cooling systems. A.Hak Products & Services produces solar powered lighting solutions and constructs several types of Thermal Energy Storage systems. The division Renewable Energy is active in design, development and construction of renewable energy systems, specializing in torrefaction and gasification of biomass, as well as Blue Energy: energy produced by reversed electrodyalisis (RED). {kolom}A.Hak Renewable Energy’s main activities are project and business development, EPC-contracting, innovation through participation and the manufacturing of tailor-made components for renewable energy installations. Three important reasons why you should choose to work with A.Hak
  • The A.Hak companies are experts in their fields of activity. As a group they are a truly all-round one-stop-shop for complex, multidisciplinary projects.
  • Safety and quality are top priorities. A.Hak has the certificates and references to live up to that claim.
  • A.Hak is renowned for its Dutch hands-on mentality and solution-oriented attitude.
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Dhr. L. Westerbaan
+31 345 579 275
Jules Energy
Do you aim for a green energy solution as we do, but you can’t see a way to achieve this with what’s currently available in the market? ICT company, Jules Energy has developed a smart online transaction platform built for providing interactive access to the energy markets. Organisations that generate green energy can capitalise on the fluctuations in the markets with the use of an onsite battery and Jules Energy’s unique software. Our proven technology solution generates a healthy financial return too. Green energy… and profitable!
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Dhr. Jos den Broeder
Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Biomass Energy, Smart grids, Industrial equipment and processes, Batteries, Research / Adivsory
Skytree (Giaura B.V.)
Creating CO2 solutions for everyday life   Atmospheric CO2 is vital to life on Earth. Plants and trees depend on it to provide us with oxygen and food. What if it could be harnessed by humans to use as a sustainable resource? Skytree is a spinout company of the European Space Agency (ESA) and has adapted a CO2 re-capture process. Originally developed to make longer space missions possible, the process worked by extracting the CO2 exhaled by astronauts on-board of spacecraft, keeping the cabin air safe to breath. Skytree’s adapted process captures CO2 from the air around us with the help of a specialised ion exchange resin attracting CO2 to its surface and releasing it when exposed to low-grade heat (below 80 °C).   Using this material, Skytree units can filter CO2 from outdoor and indoor air and dispense it in a concentrated form. Our CO2 supply is clean, adjustable and continuous. Linked to a power source, our units can operate anywhere: in the middle of the ocean, in the desert, or at the heart of a city. Skytree units have a wide range of applications: from improving plant growth in greenhouses to water treatment and fuel synthesis.   More than 4 billion people live in cities, a figure that is expected to double by the end of the century. This growing urban population needs access to clean air, water, food and energy. Capturing excess CO2 from the air is only the first step. At Skytree, we turn this waste stream back into the useful resource it is: to grow fruit and vegetables, to clean drinking water, or to be transformed into energy for your home. Skytree creates practical CO2 solutions for everyday life.    
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Dhr. M. Beaumont
+31(0)20 2374980
Solar Energy, Smart grids, Low energy buildings, Industrial equipment and processes, Fuel cells/Fuels, Research / Adivsory
THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION FOR SUSTAINABLE DATA CENTER COOLING AND CLIMATE CONTROL   Air@Work is a supplier of energy efficient and environmentally friendly air handling and air conditioning systems. Air@Work offers a low investment & maintenance cost solution for the cooling of data center and climate control of  non-residential buildings and industrial spaces.    THE EVAPORATIVE COOLING POWER OF WATER  The core of the Air@Work air handler consist of the reliable StatiqCooling heat exchanger. StatiqCooling is a Dutch developer and producer of sustainable synthetic counterflow heat exchangers. The StatiqCooler uses indirect adiabatic cooling resulting in a highly energy-efficient air cooling solution.    DATA CENTER COOLING  Most conventional cooling systems consume a lot of energy, are expensive to maintain and contribute significantly to global warming. Air@Work has developed a cost-effective, reliable and sustainable cooling system that reduces energy consumption and environmental impact by up to 90%..  {kolom}     CLIMATE CONTROL  For production facilities in industrial or non-residential buildings such as schools, hotels, shops, laboratories or offices, a pleasant indoor climate is a must. During warm periods of the year, the Air@Work system ensures that fresh outside air is cooled efficiently by evaporating water in the secondary airflow. The absolute humidity of the fresh supply air remains constant and ensures user comfort. In colder period, the system functions as an energy recovery system, the warm return air heats the fresh supply air.    The Air@Work systems ensure a sustainable, comfortable and healthy indoor climate.    CONTACT  Air@Work Polanerbaan 1-3 3447 GN Woerden The Netherlands  T +31 20 260 08 63 E I
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Dhr. Marius Klerk
+31 20 260 08 63
Cooling equipment
Smart Society Services B.V.
Smart Society Services offers smart and scaleable ‘Internet of Things' services to independently monitor, control and manage objects and devices within large and critical infrastructures.   With our strong background in the utility market, we deliver open, generic, independent and scalable smart utility services that help utility companies improve infrastructure reliability and efficiency:
  • Flexible switching of Public Lighting
  • Independent and scaleable Smart Meter Head-end
  • Load Management
  • Distribution Automation
  • Smart Charging
{kolom} Our services can be tailored to your needs and are based on an open source, independent and secure IoT platform. Provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), our services can dynamically scale up and down with the number of devices being deployed.   We think and work ‘agile’: our processes are lean & mean, we think out-of-the- box and we are customer and result driven. At the same time, we know and understand the legacy, sensitivities and challenges of large infrastructure organizations.
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Dhr. Jeffrey de Grijs
(06) 524 75 865
Smart grids, Light-saving technologies, Measuring equipment
We provide professional project management and consulting services to clients worldwide. We guarantee value for money by utilizing our extensive experience to create tangible business benefits. We craft specific solutions for strategy definition as well as operational improvement processes. We can take your business to the next level of performance and deliver projects of superior quality on time and within budget. {kolom}Our expertise lies in the field of sustainable energy and technology. With our network of partners we build worldwide connections, bringing together inventors and industry, researchers and entrepreneurs, businesses and markets.Why not contact us for an informal get-together and provide us with a challenge.
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Dhr. Marcel Werther
Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Smart grids, Research / Adivsory, Assocation
Ampyx Power
 We are developing the Ampyx Power Airborne Wind Energy System (AWES) that can generate cost-effective power and has minimal impact on the environment as it comprises less than a tenth of the material than a wind turbine with the same capacity. In the future we can provide abundant renewable energy at market utility scale, at cost levels below any other methods of electricity generation. The Ampyx Power AWES consists of an autonomous aircraft, the PowerPlane, tethered to a generator on the ground. Wind drives the tethered aircraft at an altitude of up to 450m. Tensile force causes the tether to be reeled-out from the winch. Once the tether is reeled out to a predefined tether length, the aircraft automatically descends towards the ground causing the tether to reel in. Then it ascends and repeats the process. The PowerPlanes takes off and lands fully autonomously from a platform by utilizing a vast array of sensor suites which provide the autopilot with critical information to perform the task safely.       Ampyx Power AWES start where conventional wind turbines end. The aircraft moves at an altitude of up to 450 metres where the wind is strong. Our system is easy to deploy, construct and maintain and can be used both on- and offshore. For the offshore application of our system we work together with research institutes ECN and Marin. Mocean, developer of offshore technologies is helping us with the development of a floating platform at sea from where the PowerPlanes can take off and land.      Ampyx Power was founded in 2009 from the University TU Delft. The team consists of nearly 40 employees with more than 15 different nationalities who work from the Netherlands and Australia. The first commercial system will be introduced in 2020.  
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Wind Energy
Inventum Technologies B.V.
Energy Innovation First     Safe and trusted. That is a promise we have been fulfilling for more than 100 years. A promise that actually starts with innovation and the enthusiasm of our employees to do things differently, preferably better. We work on sustainable, energy-saving solutions in everything we do. That often makes us the leader when it concerns innovative ventilation and hot water systems. By actively collaborating with partners, we provide overall concepts which also give you an advantage through their safety, comfort, long life and low energy costs.
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Dhr. Richard Verbree
Low energy buildings, Low-energy water supply
Dutch Green Building Council
The Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) is a non profit organisation which performs as an independent network to accelerate the transition to a sustainable built environment. KEY MARKET CHARACTERISTICS
  • Reaching the enduser is an important target
  • Focus on existing buildings
  • Focus on Health in relation to sustainable buildings
  • Focus on Circular economy
  • Big data analyses hold a lot of opportunities
  • Next step is moving beyond demonstration projects to actual performance of buildings
  • Dutch GBC has adapted the BREEAM rating tool (BREEAM NL)
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Mvr. A. van Doorn
Research / Adivsory, Assocation
Smit Thermal Solutions B.V.
At Smit, we design and manufacture thermal process solutions for high-volume manufacturing. With thousands of installed systems in the glass, electronics, display and solar industries, our experience is growing fast and goes deep and wide in oven design, heat transfer methods and process atmospheres, we’re constantly innovating. Today, we focus on thin film applications, acting as an expert partner to manufacturers aiming for cost-effective mass production. On top of all this, we have extensive in-house know-how in the physics and chemistry of deposition and diffusion processes.
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Dhr. Michael van der Gugten
Solar Energy, Industrial equipment and processes
Stichting Platform Geothermie
The Foundation Platform Geothermie is a non-profit organisation (NGO). The core objective is to foster the development of geothermal energy in the Netherlands. Members are both governmental organisations (provinces, municipalities), knowledge institutes and a wide variety of companies, in total 80 companies and institutions.
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Dhr. F. Schoof
Geothermal Energy, Assocation
The Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA) is the Dutch sector association working to increase sustainable wind energy on land and at sea. NWEA unites the wind sector in the Netherlands and accelerates the transition towards a renewable energy supply by spurring businesses and governments to invest in wind energy. NWEA is a member of WindEurope, the European wind energy association, and the Dutch Association of Sustainable Energy (NVDE).
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Dhr. Marijn van der Pas
Wind Energy, Assocation
HeatMatrix Group
HeatMatrix Group – Turns Waste Heat Into Profit Most industries discharge a vast amount of energy (heat) into the atmosphere. Re-use of this waste heat is the next low hanging fruit that enables industry to: •      substantially reduce operating costs •      save on fossil fuel consumption •      improve its CO2 footprint Moreover it often results in image improvement and environmental benefits + allows industry to fulfill its sustainability targets.   HeatMatrix Group ( has developed a unique air-preheater that enables heat recovery from corrosive and / or fouling gas streams originating from industrial boilers and dryers, (refinery) furnaces, steam reformers, ovens, incinerators, etc. In most cases the recovered heat is used to preheat combustion or process air.   This innovative heat exchanger consists of lightweight, corrosion resistant polymer modules (a rigid matrix of connected polymer tubes), which can be applied at high temperatures.   The HeatMatrix exchangers are very efficient due to their 100% counter-current flow configuration and improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emission by 5 - 20 % within a short payback period. High reliability and long lifetime. Easy to install and clean. HeatMatrix is having a broad range of references in various industries worldwide.Contact us to determine the benefits of our innovative technology for your company!
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Dhr. PCW van Dillen
Industrial equipment and processes, Waste heat recovery
NVKL is the branch organisation for refrigeration and air-conditioning contractors and suppliers. With almost 400 members it is the biggest branch organisation in the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector in the Netherlands. NVKL supports and initiate activities that promote our industry, in order to serve users’ interest in safe and efficient cooling and refrigeration. {kolom}Our members produce, design, install and maintain equipment using the latest technologies and they aim for the highest level of reliability and energy efficiency. Interested in high quality Dutch refrigeration and air-conditioning solutions? Our webpage contains contact information of all the affiliated companies. 
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Dhr. H. Kruiper
District Heating/Cooling, Low energy buildings, Industrial equipment and processes, Cooling equipment, Assocation
Peeeks helps utilities to use cold-store ware houses as electricity buffers. Many utilities have  an increasing amount of solar and wind energy production. However these energy sources fluctuate in output. Peeeks connects flexible users, such as cold-store warehouses to a platform that allows the utility to control the energy use of these users. This way the utility can offer these value added service towards their end customers under their own name.
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Dhr. David Beijer
Smart grids, Industrial equipment and processes, Cooling equipment, Research / Adivsory
Holland Solar
Holland Solar, founded in 1983, is the key organisation for professional solar energy experts, companies and institutions in the Netherlands. Members are active in both solar thermal energy and solar photovoltaics, comprising the complete chain from R&D and production until consultancy and installation.The activities of Holland Solar are aimed at serving the interests of its members, by supporting and promoting the application of solar energy in the Netherlands, ensuring the quality of solar energy applications.
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Mvr. Saskia 't Hart
0031 30 232 80 08
Solar Energy, Assocation
ELEQ Steenwijk BV
ELEQ designs and manufactures smart electrotechnical applications for protecting, measuring and connecting electrical energy and works worldwide for renowned power companies, system builders and installers. Together with our clients we anticipate on the future and on required innovations. ELEQ is a true producer and partner of clients and relations who are professionally involved in energy and public lighting systems and who rely on continuous precision and high services. ELEQ delivers all its products and applications in accordance to the high Dutch and German quality standards and serves markets in Europe and beyond from its locations in the Netherlands (Steenwijk) and Germany (Kerpen).
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Mvr. Esther van Hes
Nederlandse Vereniging Duurzame Energie
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Dhr. Olof van der Gaag
00 31 30 234 05 03
Hydro Energy, Energy from water, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, Biomass Energy, Biogas/Biofuels, Assocation
A. de Jong Group
A. de Jong Group is a family business specialized in environmental and energy technology. Our five operating companies are specialized in two product groups: HVAC installations and industrial burner systems.Environmental and energy technology are closely related to sustainability. It is our mission to manage our living environment by developing and deploying safe, clean and efficient air conditioning, energy and burner system applications. All our products reduce energy consumption and emissions.The relationship with our clients begins at the design stage, proceeds through implementation and continues on into management, service and maintenance. We are a dedicated group of professional engineers and technicians that strive for excellence in our work. We believe that good customer care leads to personalized solutions. And to offer you customized HVAC installations and industrial burner systems, we gladly walk that extra mile. We explore your core business and get to know your needs and desires. This is how we unburden our customers. Through our years of experience and extensive knowledge, we effectively respond to various environmental factors and to your specific customer requirements.De Jong Combustion b.v.R&V Engineering b.v.A. de Jong Installatietechniek b.v.A. de Jong Installatietechniek Noordwest b.v.Joost Naaktgeboren b.v.
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Dhr. A. de Jong
+31(0)10 44 69 222
Biomass Energy, District Heating/Cooling, Low energy buildings, Industrial equipment and processes, Cooling equipment, Waste heat recovery, Research / Adivsory
Mpowering regions and people throughout the world   MPower is an investment company, specialized in Mpowering the world. We bring energy to the people. Our hybrid and off grid energy systems can deliver electrical energy, hot domestic water, heating and cooling by using wind, water and sun energy. To make a bridge between the generated energy and usage of energy, we integrate energy storage systems. Our modular off and on grid sustainable energy systems can consist of tidal turbines, midsize wind turbines, solar electricity, solar thermal energy and geothermal energy.  Why Mpower people and regions? * Bringing energy to the people is bringing welfare * Bringing renewable energy means lowering energy costs, less use of diesel generators * Minimize use of fossil energy means lowering carbon emissions * You can create income opportunities related to power generation * You are less dependent of fossil energy * Producing your own energy leads to independence of politics and economical energy situations Distributed generation MPowers specialty is bringing and off grid renewable solutions to rural areas, remote islands (Island grids), emerging markets. Bringing energy to the people, is bringing health, clear water, agricultural development. Bringing energy to the people will minimize distances in the world, gives development of economics.  
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Mvr. Jose Braakman
Energy from water, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Geothermal Energy, Smart grids, Measuring equipment, Energy saving electronics, Waste heat recovery, Batteries
Ecorys Nederland
Ecorys is an international company offering research-based consultancy and project management services to address society’s key challenges. Specialising in economic, social and spatial development, we help public and private clients to formulate and implement informed decisions that have a positive impact on society.   In 1929, businessmen from what is now Erasmus University Rotterdam founded the NEI (Netherlands Economic Institute). Its main goal was to form a bridge between the opposing worlds of economic research and business – and in 2000, this respected Institute became Ecorys.   In the years since the establishment, Ecorys has expanded across the globe, with offices in Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa and the Middle East. Our staff comes from different cultural backgrounds and areas of expertise because we believe in the unique aspects that different perspectives can bring to our company and our clients.   Ecorys excels in six areas of expertise:
  • transport and mobilty;
  • economy and innovation;
  • energy, environment and water;
  • regional development;
  • public finance;
  • health and education.
Ecorys offers a clear set of products and services:
  • preparation and formulation of policies;
  • programs and projects;
  • monitoring and evaluation;
  • programme and project management;
  • operational services;
  • communication.
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Dhr. Serdar Demirel
Van Oord
Van Oord is a pre-eminent contractor for dredging, marine engineering and offshore and energy projects. The company is an independent family business, based in the Netherlands and operates worldwide. Van Oord provides marine engineering solutions in which safety, sustainability and continuity go hand in hand.Sustainable EPC and Marine ContractorVan Oord’s specialized division Offshore Wind Projects is involved in many offshore wind projects in Europe. As EPC contractor, Van Oord is responsible for engineering, procurement and installation of the entire offshore wind farm, except for the turbine supply. With the successful completion of the latest offshore wind parks Eneco Luchterduinen and Gemini, we have proven our capability to act as an EPC contractor.{kolom}In addition to our EPC activities we provide construction services such as scour protection and inter array cable installation to the offshore wind industry. Recently we have worked on London Array, Greater Gabbard and Sheringham Shoal.Our equipmentVan Oord operates the world’s most advanced fleet, which encompasses specialised vessels and dedicated equipment tools such as our in house designed innovative vessel Aeolus, dedicated for transport and installation of foundations and wind turbines, fitted with a 990 tonnes crane, and our cable-laying vessel Nexus, equipped with a 5,000 tons carousel. Would you like to stay up to date about Van Oord and our projects? You can find the latest news on
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Dhr. Dirk Katteler
Wind Energy
Combining forces in the area of ​​research into the next generation of solar cells. Solliance was founded with that goal in 2010. The research organisation is a joint venture of ECN, TNO, imec, Holst Centre and Forschungszentrum Julich. Together with the academic partners TU Eindhoven, University of Hasselt and TU Delft, the research institutes can play a significant role in global research into the solar technology of the future.Solliance runs dedicated research and development programs and projects together with industrial partners in order to further improve the production processes. Also the integration of solar technology in applications such as the built environment, infrastructure and transport is a focus area at Solliance.The main Solliance facilities are the research location in Eindhoven on the High Tech Campus, which was opened in June 2014 and imec's facility in Leuven. The mission of Solliance is to create jobs. The research institute does this by continuously developing the latest PV technologies and making them available to companies. Solliance wants to connect the worlds of science and business in order to create a sustainable energy system. In this way, we are contributing to the climate goals set for 2020. Our vision is that thin-film solar cells are the future. We are committed to further development and application of this technology.
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Dhr. Huib van den Heuvel
Solar Energy, Low energy buildings, Industrial equipment and processes, Research / Adivsory
Energy research Centre of the Netherlands ECN
The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is the largest energy research institute in the Netherlands. ECN develops new technology and conducts pioneering research in various ways into innovative solutions to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy management. With around 500 members of staff, we are active in projects both domestically and abroad, in joint efforts with the industry, government authorities and research institutes. ECN has seven core activities: Solar power: together with manufacturers of solar panels the latest scientific insights are applied in useful concepts for solar cells, modules and processes. Wind energy: we focus on substantially reducing the costs for offshore wind energy Biomass: we contribute to the biobased economy, with a focus on thermochemical conversion of biomass. Energy efficiency: we collaborate in making industrial processes more efficient using heat pumps, separation technology and revolutionary chemical reactors. Environmental Assessment: we develop knowledge, technology and practical solutions for a healthy and sustainable environment and use of raw materials. Engineering & Materials: we design and create experimental installations, prototypes and high tech components. Policy studies: a multi-disciplinary team of researchers develops long term outlooks and policy advice on the transistion to a sustainable energy future.
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Dhr. Nico van der Linden
Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Biomass Energy, Biogas/Biofuels, Research / Adivsory
Autarco BV
Catch a bright new day!In a market that is dominated by highly commoditized component brands, Autarco is the first brand to decidedly push solar PV into the growing rooftop segment and offer complete solar PV solutions under the single brand, thereby offering many benefits to both our retailers and rooftop solar consumers, most importantly an insured cash-back kWh guarantee.By manufacturing and supplying complete solar PV systems Autarco is able to go beyond component warranties. After installation, each system can be registered online, whereby the retailer confirms what is installed, where it is installed and how it installed. Because Autarco has full control over its entire supply chain and the quality delivered throughout it we’re able to offer a unique and industry first kWh guarantee for each registered system.After registration each Autarco system connects to our servers via the internet, communicating system status and energy output in real-time. We pro-actively monitor each system and queue the retailer for preventive or corrective action. However, should the total kWh generated be less than guaranteed, Autarco compensates the consumer in cash.Furthermore Autarco can provide a Smart Home platform as part of their PV solutions, thus providing insight in energy generation but also energy consumption. This way, the PV system can be used as a sensor to automate other energy saving appliances on the premises such as battery charger, heating, etc.Contact us today
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Dhr. Roel van den Berg
Solar Energy
Dimark Solar BV
  Dimark Solar manufactures in Holland a modular energy system, which converts solar energy into both electricity(PV) as well as warmth(T). This ‘building integrated(BIPVT)’ concept offers besides a more aesthetical solution, also considerable possibilities for more efficient use of solar energy on pitched roofs. Distinctive is also the multi-functionality of this product, by combination of roofing with PV-cells, thermal heat absorber and cooling features into one module. Rivalling with the more traditional solar solutions, a lot of solar warmth is generated against low costs, without harming the electrical revenues (3 times more energy >kWh/year/sq.m.roof). This will not only make energy neutral dwellings cheaper, but due to the higher output, this particular concept is also suitable for building/renovating homes with smaller roof surfaces.   Not only the modules on the roof outside, but also the connection to carefully selected peripherals under the roof (equipment like heat pump, floor heating, boiler and monitoring system amongst others) will be supplied as a plug & play solution.   Dimark Solar offers a robust durable energy system, with guarantees on performance, low maintenance and an attractive lifespan. Thus offering a warranty for a proper living comfort, excellent efficiencies, both in relation to technical- as well as in economical perspective. An integral solution, ready for the 2020 building standards.    
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Dhr. H.P.M.Q. Enneking
Solar Energy, Low energy buildings
AAB Nederland
AAB has over 30 years of experience and it was founded with the vision of operating as a consultant for the horticultural industry offering expert knowledge, sharing expertise, being decisive and providing solutions-focused advice. Over the years, the company has expanded and it now employs over 30 driven professionals with knowhow of the sector, and each specialized in their own disciplines. AAB has al lot of experience with designing national and international projects inside and outsite the horticultural sector. {kolom}AAB Engineers are experts at designing, calculating and developing the best possible solution, technologically as well as economically. Their extensive, international knowledge of renewable energy, lighting, and heating & cooling systems allows them to deliver excellent production facilities and buildings. Special sustainability projects, such as geothermal energy, solar energy and residual heat, are truly unique. AAB consultants have expert knowlegde about susidies and experience with developping business cases. AAB consultants and are equipped for energy audits (EED) according European legislation.
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Dhr. H. Bax
Temporary Works Design
We are specialized in creating custom-designed tools and structures that allow you to perform installation projects safely and on time. You can regard TWD as your problem solver. The reliable partner that creates functional and creative solutions, no matter what the time frame is, or the complexity of the challenge. Our goal is to reinforce your project team’s capabilities and complement them where required, so we can together achieve a successful project execution. We offer a wide range of solutions and have an extensive track record in: SeafasteningPile handling toolsLifting toolsMotion compensation systemsSupport and access structuresCable handling equipmentPlease don’t hesitate to contact us if your project requires innovative, fast and practical solutions. Our experienced team is available 24/7 for your requests.{kolom}
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Mvr. M van Cappelle
+31 10 294 03 74
Wind Energy, Research / Adivsory
Electron Thermal Processing Equipment
Electron Thermal Processing Equipment is a major player and technology leader, with more than 25 years' experience in the engineering and manufacturing of turnkey thermal processing systems. Our portfolio includes batch type and continuous pyrolysis furnaces for thermal cleaning and thermal recycling of industrial waste including the reclaim of mercury and precious metals.Innovation is a driver for our success as we continue to develop new solutions and applications. Most recent innovations include systems for Supercritical Gasification of sewage sludge enabeling a highly efficient process for reclaim of valuable phosphates and a conversion of the remaining sludge in a biogas.   Another example of our strive for the best innovations is the development of a Continuous Pyrolysis furnace system and process for the recycling and conversion of plastic waste into oil, gas and thermal energy.{kolom} Depending on the application and the products being processed the furnace systems will be equipped with thermal oxidizers (incinerators), gas quenches using air atomizing cooling techniques, fabric filters, activated carbon, urea or bicarbonate injection, wet scrubbers and/or dry bed absorbers to ensure an appropriate flue gas treatment before emitting gasses into the atmosphere.   Superior design features, after market quality service and a growing list of satisfied customers makes Electron a sustainable and best qualified partner for the development of new thermal processing solutions.
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Dhr. J. Koelewijn
Biomass Energy, Industrial equipment and processes, Waste heat recovery
EMforce BV
Under the name EMforce, dr. Frank van Overbeeke offers 30+ years of experience in the fields of power electronics, electricity storage, and system integration. Occasionally EMforce may design and build (prototype)equipment, but our preferred role is to be a system integrator and to provide review and practical guidance to industrial manufacturers and engineering contractors, on behalf of the end customer. We also have extensive experience in the preparation, execution and analysis of specialist electrical measurements, in particular in the field of energy.For prototypes and test equipment, please refer to our subsidiary EMPEQ: EMPEQ is the proud supplier of the inverters and control equipment of the Smart Storage Unit, developed for Dutch network operator Enexis (see photo).
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Dhr. Frank van Overbeeke
+31 6 44488256
Smart grids, Measuring equipment, Batteries, Research / Adivsory
Sales & Rental of smart water treatment installationsWith over 28 years’ experience Logisticon Water Treatment builds high quality water treatment plants at our own facility. These are in-house designed and built for many applications: drinking water, process and waste water treatment, groundwater treatment, environmental technology and water reuse. The fact that everything is built in-house represents our guarantee of quality and flexibility.  All our installations are built according newest ideas with energy saving technologies and options for re-use of waste water, reclaim of valuable components and reduction of CO2 print and chemical use.{kolom}If you want to be sure the technology you would like to use in the future will fulfil your desired goals, you can contact Logisticon Mobile Water Solutions for its broad range of small or even full scale pilot installations. Being Europe's largest company when it comes to short, medium and long term rental solutions of water treatment and purification equipment Logisticon can supply installations for a broad range of purposes.  5 tips for energy saving and water re-useIf you would like to receive more information and 5 tips for energy savings, water re-use opportunities in the water treatment and water purification please contact Logisticon Water Treatment and ask for Pieter van Staveren.
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Dhr. Pieter van Staveren
Low-energy water supply, Industrial equipment and processes
Gutami Holding
ORGANIZATION Gutami Holding is a group of companies that worldwide builds and invests in solar and wind projects. We are a reliable and experienced company with a proven track record since 2009 in the regions we operate: the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.   WHY We believe that with our unrestricted and viable entrepreneurship we contribute to a better world.   HOW We make sustainable development achievable to everyone, anywhere in the world. We bring worlds together. We connect both the sector and the  population.    "We challenge the status quo.”    People, Planet, Profit is always our testing framework. We cherish our independence. It gives us the opportunity to tell our own and fair story and realize creative solutions to make it happen.   COMPANIES Companies that are part of the Gutami family are:
  • Global Renewables Investments
  • Global Solar Investments
  • Gutami Solar
  • Tautus
  • Global Solar Trading / Honeywell Solar
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Dhr. Gerben Pek
Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Batteries
Mocean Offshore
THE OCEAN IS NOT A BOX We think out of the Box, into the Ocean. Breaking free from uncertainty driven conservatism to discover a vast pool of unlimited possibilities: {kolom} The Ocean 2.0. By mastering physics, performing in-depth analyses and developing advanced offshore technology we make ocean engineering more efficient. And we create new opportunities to explore. With solid, pragmatic, but elegant and intuitive solutions we empower our clients and give them the confidence to undertake their offshore projects.   MOCEAN. The new ocean engineers.
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Dhr. Mocean Offshore
Hydro Energy, Energy from water, Wind Energy, Research / Adivsory
Systems Navigator
Systems Navigator is a global leader in advanced decision support technology. Since 2003, our employees are working around the globe for a wide range of customers on the most challenging projects. We assist our customers in making better decisions on where to spend their capital by demonstrating the impact of change through simulation modelling. Our Dropboard platform for planning & scheduling helps companies optimize their operations, improve customer service and maximize the use of their assets.For the offshore wind industry Systems Navigator developed simulation solutions which help design project plans that reduce cost of installation and mitigate risk. These solutions help investors, operators, developers and contractors gain an understanding of risks (financial, time, and operational) in the project, plan projects better and react quickly and effectively to changes. In the offshore wind industry our products and services include: supply chain design optimization; weather risk mitigation; fabrication contract planning; interface planning of (sub) campaigns; resource and equipment debottlenecking; and inventory strategy design. Please contact us to discuss your project requirements and to receive a demonstration of our solutions. We are keen to assist you during the design and operation of your project!
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Dhr. GG Heijkoop
Wind Energy, Research / Adivsory
Byosis Group
Byosis Group combines and translates her extended knowledge with digestion and fermentation processes into practical and feasible solutions. Whether the input material are crops, agricultural residues, industrial waste, green waste or sludge from waste water treatment facilities, Byosis offers solutions that improve the efficiency and capacity of the digestion process considerably. The systems of Byosis are set up in a modular mode, e.g. container and/or skid mounted. In this way they can easily be incorporated into existing or new biogas facilities.{kolom}Nitrogen removal with ByoFlex: Byosis removes ammonia from manure, digestate and heavily polluted industrially wasted water with the innovative ByoFlex-system. With ByoFlex it’s possible to remove up to 80% of the ammoniumnitrogen. The nitrogen will be recovered in the form of ammonium sulfate. By circulating the digestate through a ByoFlex unit (recycling) is it possible to reduce the level of ammonium in the digester. This allows nitrogen-rich streams, such as chicken manure and waste streams to be enriched, without the addition of water. This can provide a large saving in feedstock costs. Lime can be used to increase the pH and is also a flocculant, binding phosphates and reducing the phosphor content in the effluent, when followed by a downstream decanter. Besides N-stripping, Byosis can also deliver pasteurization-units(own technology) and back-end solutions like separators, decanters and dryers.
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Dhr. Jan van den Broek
+31 (0) 541573929
Biomass Energy, Industrial equipment and processes, Research / Adivsory
Evers + Manders Subsidieadviseurs
Introduction Evers + Manders has over 20 years of experience in writing grant applications. We support companies (from startup to multinational), universities and knowledge institutes in acquiring grants for research, innovation and investments and with financial management and grant compliance. Specialization We have made clear choices based on the needs of our clients and have tailored our expertise accordingly. We are active in the following sectors: • (Bio based) energy systems and technologies • Circular economy • Water and delta technology • Healthcare and medical innovation. Our services A grant application is more than submitting an application. That is why our service goes a few steps {kolom}further, as well as a few steps back. Your organization’s strategy is our starting point. From there, we consider how these can be tied to the grant program. Furthermore, we examine other opportunities, such as cooperation with parties that are complementary to you. Why Evers + Manders? Evers + Manders offers you the experience and added value that you may expect from a grant consultant. For you, this means the following: 1) You will work with a highly trained grant consultant who speaks your language and who is familiar with your sector. 2) You will receive strategic advice on how to align your objectives with the grant program. 3) You will receive all-round advice that focuses on technology and the impact. 4) You gain  access to our experience and network.      
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Dhr. Marco Bouwkamp
Research / Adivsory
RGS Development BV
New solutions for a sustainable industry RGS Development B.V. (RGS) is a silicon solutions company, promoting energy efficiency and sustainability for our vital industries. We operate a unique facility for low cost and large scale production of Nano structured silicon alloys with which we develop and provide: - ThermagyTM heat panels to harvest high temperature industrial waste heat (700-1200⁰C!) - Nano porous silicon materials to boost the energy density of Li-ion battery anodes. To increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions of energy-intensive industries, Thermagy heat panels convert high temperature radiation waste heat into 1.5kW-2.5kW/m2 of electricity, per year 50x more than a solar panel of the same size. At the same time Thermagy panels provide hot water or steam for further industrial use. Finally, Thermagy panels can be used to insulate and tune radiation heat flows. To boost Li-ion batteries capacity with 300% while ensuring excellent cycle stability, RGS also manufactures Nano porous silicon powders, to be applied in Li-ion battery anodes. {kolom}RGS is supported by industry leaders: - our founder Energy Research Centre in the Netherlands: ECN - recognized research institutions a.o. MESA+, DLR, Fraunhofer, CEA - industrial customers such as Tata Steel, Ardagh Group, Airbus Safran Launchers Contact us to make our unique solutions work for you!
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Dhr. Carlo van Pelt
Energy saving electronics, Industrial equipment and processes, Cooling equipment, Waste heat recovery, Batteries
GreenFlux provides Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for Charge Point Manufacturers and Operators. We currently operate on the European market in 10 countries. GreenFlux was founded in 2011 and over the years we build up a broad experience in Smart Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles and helped develop the current standards in the market.   Products and Services: An award-winning Charge Point ControllerFits in any Charge Station and turns a charge station in a connected systemReady for Remote Support, Sharing of Transaction Details and Smart Charging   A Versatile easy to manage Cloud Based Service and Operation Platform.Configure and Manage Charge points in a connected networkRemote support and ManagementClient registration, Authorization, Billing and HelpdeskInterfaces with other systems (Apps, Payment Service Providers, etc)Smart charging, an intelligent connection between the increasing use of sustainable energy and energy grid balancing. In the near future by using electric cars as mobile batteries. Our Vision & Mission: We believe that all cars will be powered by the sun in the near future. We want to make electric driving a worldwide success and restore the balance in our living environment. We do this by supporting our customers with the smartest charging infrastructure solutions. We enable every driver to charge on renewable energy, always and everywhere.
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Dhr. Michel Scholtes
Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Smart grids
VAF Instruments B.V.
VAF Instruments is the most preferred supplier of the top 100 shipyards and market leader in maritime measurement systems. Since 1938, VAF Instruments has gained a worldwide reputation as a specialist in developing and manufacturing measurement and control systems for the maritime and process industry. With more than 70 agents around the globe, VAF Instruments has a worldwide network. Our mission is to develop innovative and accurate measurement systems to maximize efficiency, improve operational excellence and reduce the environmental impact of these operations. {kolom}Innovations such as  IVY®, VAF Instruments’ software solution for Propulsion Performance Management, will provide you the fleet at your fingertips. From ship to shore, IVY® enriches big data, for powerful analysis, fleet and ship performance visualisation and insight into the relevant data and KPIs. All this information is displayed on an easily-accessible dashboard either on an office desktop, mobile laptop, tablet or any other device. IVY® can be combined with various sensors on board, including TT-Sense® for thrust and torque  measurement, ViscoSense®3D for viscosity, density and mass flow measurement and the highly accurate PT2 Flowmeters. VAF Instruments’ Propulsion Performance Management system IVY®, turns the Internet of Things into the Internet of Ships and brings Big Data back to the essence.         
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Dhr. L.C.H. Blankenstein
078 6183100
Measuring equipment, Industrial equipment and processes
The Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT) unites industry, universities, research organizations and SMEs in order to accelerate innovation and ultimately transform process technology into a green, clean, efficient endeavour. In addition to developing knowledge, the Institute fosters the demonstration and application of new technologies. ISPT aims to strengthen and accelerate the development of technological innovations for industrial processes towards increased circularity, higher levels of energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emmissions. Collaborations within ISPT work on technological opportunities such as (waste) heat reuse, the closing of water cycles, reusing resources, the electrification of processes and the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.
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Mvr. Lisa Groothuis
+31 (0) 33 700 97 97
ASIMPTOTE's mission is to provide the most advanced expertise and software tools to the energy engineering market We bring the latest knowledge and computer programs in the thermal energy conversion field straight from the best universities to your company. We do this by conducting studies touching on the front of technology and supplying our advanced design and simulation software, which is continuously developed at leading scientific institutions.Staying at the frontline of technologyASIMPTOTE is a conduit of expertise from internationally renowned researchers to industry. Through our permanent cooperation with scientists, we have access to top-level expertise in all the aspects of modeling, design, and optimization of energy systems and components. This means that we can provide you with consultancy and software for challenges that go well beyond current technology and practice.{kolom}Our marketOur market consists of all the companies and institutes involved in the thermal energy conversion chain. These include: - Utility companies - OEM's of power systems and components (R&D departments) - OEM's of propulsion systems and components (terrestrial and aerospace) - Divisions specialized in energy engineering and/or energy savings for the manufacturing industry (e.g. chemicals, oil and gas, etc.) - Suppliers and operators of gas turbine fleets and aircraft engines - Energy engineering firms and companies - Government agencies - Research institutes  
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Dhr. T.P. van der Stelt
PNO Consultants
We are an independent grants and innovation consultancy, providing full services throughout Europe. We combine an understanding of the dynamics of your activities and ambitions in the area of innovation and investments with insights into key societal issues that are supported by government funding. The net effect of our contribution is to reduce your workload, increase your return on investment and shorten your time to market. We provide services throughout Europe to a wide range of clients: from SMEs to multinational companies, non-profit organisations, technological platforms, multi-stakeholder partnerships, universities and governments. To help each type of organization reach its goals we have in-house innovation and finance specialists in a wide variety of sectors such as energy & environment, chemistry, logistics & transport and many more.
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Dhr. B. van Leeuwen
CATO Engineering BV
CATO Engineering BV provides installations to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gases or biogas. This CO2 can be used for example for horticultural processes such as greenhouses. This allows growers to produce their own CO2 in a cheaper and more reliable way than the current industry standards. Other applications could include the conversion to DME, methanol, synthetic natural gas (SNG) and many more. CATO also supply installations for removing contaminants and impurities from biogas. Major impurities which can be removed are carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), odour components and siloxanes. The cleaned biogas can be used in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or further upgraded to bio-methane. We can also support industrial partners to realize other difficult technical projects. Our expertise is to convert your technical issues into successful projects that take into account the wishes of all stakeholders. Our professional style permeates every aspect of each project, from the first introduction to the finished solution. The ultimate goal and purpose of CATO Engineering is to help companies reduce costs, improve product quality and increase production capacity.
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Dhr. Immanuel Jurg
Biomass Energy, Biogas/Biofuels, Biotechnologies, Industrial equipment and processes, Cooling equipment, Waste heat recovery
Colsen bv
Colsen represents a company operating in the water, energy and environment sector. We have a track record of more than 25 years successful problem solving and delivery of sustainable technology in these fields for a wide variety of industries, water boards and municipalities, both national and international. We work closely together with our clients to select the most sustainable solution with an extended future horizon by using integrated innovative concepts for water treatment, nutrient recovery and energy production. During the majority of our projects legislative bodies become involved. Our expertise in environmental legislation and permit preparation facilitate smooth project management and planning by securing timely involvement of all relevant stakeholders. {kolom} In order to be successful in innovation Colsen ties in to the newest technologies via collaboration with a variety of universities in the field of (waste) water treatment, digestion technology and nutrients recovery. This allows us to provide our clients with state of the art and tailor made solutions and designs. As a family based company, we believe in transparent, open and fair communication. Hence your business will benefit from the ecological and economic added value of our knowledge. We are there to listen to and serve you from our very first contact!
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Dhr. Jurgen Brekelmans
Energy from water, Biomass Energy, Biogas/Biofuels, Biotechnologies, Industrial equipment and processes, Waste heat recovery, Research / Adivsory, Assocation
FME Energy Storage NL
Energy storage: a key technology of the future   Energy storage will play an increasingly important role in the transformation to a fully sustainable and clean supply of energy. Energy from wind turbines and solar panels that is stored can be deployed at times when solar- and wind-generated energy declines. Other examples are the storage of energy in electric vehicles, or the storage of solar heat below ground. Energy storage is becoming an indispensable part of a reliable and affordable energy system.   Energy Storage NL wants to convene companies, knowledge institutes, governments and financiers to create sustainable business cases for energy storage that contribute to a successful transformation towards clean, reliable, and affordable energy.
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Dhr. Hans van der Spek
+31 (0)6 54 25 39 91
Fuel cells/Fuels, Accumulators, Batteries, Research / Adivsory, Assocation
Jedlix B.V.
Jedlix connects the charging of electric vehicles with renewable energy production. This lowers the cost of charging and supports the integration of intermittent renewable energy. We do this through our app by integrating with the connected car systems of electric vehicle OEMs and chargepoint operators. 
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Dhr. J.P.H.G. van Heesbeen
+31 (0)652791884
Smart grids, Batteries
Simaxx is een merkonafhankelijk platform dat continu data verzamelt uit verschillende gebouw-gerelateerde systemen en zet dit om in relevante informatie voor beter functionerende gebouwinstallaties.
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Dhr. Eloi Burdorf
088 - 326 68 00
Barth Hollanddrain
Barth Hollanddrain is a worldwide operating producer of mainly trenching equipment with more than 60 years of experience. From our modern head office and production facilities in The Netherlands we are continuously working on development, engineering and production of trenchers for offshore, agricultural and utility applications. Our practical and innovative knowhow results in products that exceed in terms of efficiency, flexibility and reliability.  Barth focuses on customer-made solutions which last even in the toughest circumstances. We have an extensive range of products to serve the on- and offshore market. Barth can supply you with a complete new machine for your specific application, but is also able to modify or overhaul your existing equipment. With our great service team we can assist you worldwide. Our mechanics are constructive, hydraulic and electrical grounded and can solve all technical problems. Since we are a family business with a flat organization structure we have the ability to respond very quickly on your demands. For further information please check our website at or send us an email
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Dhr. S. Reedijk
0031 78 673 33 00
Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy, Pipes/Cables/ Natural gas or biogas distribution, Industrial equipment and processes, Research / Adivsory
KROHNE Nederland B.V.
KROHNE measure the facts, Service and Know-how for every industry KROHNE ranks among the world‘s leading companies involved in the development and production of innovative and reliable process measuring technology for all sectors around the globe. Founded in 1921 in Duisburg, Germany. Steadily grown to more than 3.500 employees and a turnover of over 500 million euros, the company has 16 production facilities and owns 44 companies and joint ventures.   KROHNE develops, manufactures, supplies and services products and systems which measure, transmit and control process information. Enabling our customers to operate and manage processes in a safe, reliable, economical, profitable and environmentally responsible way. Our customers are involved in diverse branches of industry that include chemicals, water, wastewater, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, powerplants, mining and shipping. When it comes to measurement, our level of expertise is unique, not just in standard applications but also for those challenges that demand customized solutions.    
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Dhr. Erik Stokman
078 6306201
Solar Energy, Biogas/Biofuels, Industrial equipment and processes
Indutecc Industrial Solutions
Indutecc Industrial Solutions provides concepts to responsibly meet a growing need for sustainable solutions. We only do this with top manufacturers with the same philosophy as we have. Solarpower and Energy storage are our main competences.  {kolom}For energy storage systems we offer different solutions; from plug and play home batteries to large-scale energy storage systems. With Nilar we have an unique battery in our portfolio. This patented NiMH concept is the safest and most environmentally friendly battery on the market. Nilar has no transportation restrictions, is 100% maintenance-free and fully recyclable. The robust industrial structure is ideally suited for the growing demand of large storage systems in applications such as storing the excess solar and wind power, peak shaving, energy trade, grid balancing and neighbourhood batteries. As it is the most save battery, it can be placed indoor without the need of a container solution. With the new 48kWh modular rack solution we offer a scalable, good looking and fast installable system. We advise, engineer and deliver custom-made projects that meet the needs of our customers.
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Dhr. Jeroen Panis
+31 72 541 23 45
Solar Energy, Smart grids, Measuring equipment, Industrial equipment and processes, Batteries, Research / Adivsory
Sweco Nederland B.V.
Energy is the motor that drives our society. We cannot imagine a single day without heat or electricity. At the same time, worldwide a transition is underway towards sustainable energy. It is therefore essential that the production, distribution and efficient use of energy be soundly regulated. Our experts offer advice on the entire energy supply chain and deliver solutions that help make sure that energy remains futureproof, reliable and available in sufficient quantities. Sweco plans and designs the communities and cities of the future. With 14,500 employees in Northern Europe, we offer our customers the right expertise for every project. We carry out projects in 70 countries annually throughout the world. Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy, with sales of approximately EUR 1.7 billion. The company is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB. Sweco delivers solutions for a wide range of topics, such as: •    Energy saving •    BioBased Economy •    Power generation and energy infrastructure •    Energy Services Companies •    Wind energy and other renewable energy sources •      Sustainable Buildings You should come to Sweco with high expectations. We promise to be your most approachable and committed partner. It should be easy to work with Sweco, and we will make every effort to understand your needs better than anyone else does. Whatever challenge you’re facing, you can count on Sweco to solve it.
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Dhr. Vincent Jansen
+31 88 8114236
High Tech Campus Eindhoven
Turning Technology into Business High Tech Campus Eindhoven is the smartest km² in The Netherlands with more than 150 companies and institutes, and some 10,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working on developing future technologies and products. The Campus helps you accelerate your innovation by offering easy access to high tech facilities and international networks. {kolom} Campus companies (a.o. Philips, NXP, IBM, Intel) strategically decide what knowledge, skills and R&D facilities they share in order to achieve faster, better and more customer-oriented innovation in the application fields Health, Energy and Smart Environments. Located at the heart of Brainport Campus companies are responsible for nearly 40% of all Dutch patent applications.
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Dhr. Cees Admiraal
+31 (0)40 230 5500
About DNV GL Driven by its purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV GL enables organisations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. DNV GL provides classification and technical assurance along with software and independent expert advisory services to the maritime, oil & gas and energy industries. It also provides certification services to customers across a wide range of industries. DNV GL, whose origins go back to 1864, operates globally in more than 100 countries with its 16,000 professionals dedicated to helping their customers make the world safer, smarter and greener.  DNV GL in the Energy industry In DNV GL we unite the strengths of DNV, KEMA, Garrad Hassan, and GL Renewables Certification. DNV GL’s 2,500 energy experts support customers around the globe in delivering a safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy supply. We deliver world-renowned testing, certification and advisory services to the energy value chain including renewables and energy efficiency. Our expertise spans onshore and offshore wind power, solar, conventional generation, transmission and distribution, smart grids, and sustainable energy use, as well as energy markets and regulations. Our testing, certification and advisory services are delivered independent from each other.
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Dhr. MB Smudde
Eternal Sun & Spire Solar
Solar is the most economical way to generate electricity in ‘sunbelt’ countries and will be so all across the globe in the coming decades. There are two large trends: First, a race down the experience curve drives efforts in R&D and module manufacturing to enable the maximum potential of solar modules and second: the downstream market is maturing. To cope with the margin pressure, knowledge on performance degradation will gain importance. We contribute to the development and growth of the solar industry by enabling the highest degree of measurement control and certainty by providing high-end solar testing advice, technology & services. {kolom}We are a leading PV module testing company. The company consists of two brands: Eternal Sun which aims at innovative steady state solar simulation solutions for the R&D and certification market and of Spire Solar which caters to the needs of the PV module manufacturing market. The two brands address different markets, and together are able to offer quality control, insight and confidence across the entire solar industry. 
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Dhr. RJ van Vugt
Solar Energy, Industrial equipment and processes, Research / Adivsory
OXYCOM is a Dutch company specialized in the development and production of end-user products and components for adiabatic cooling, direct and indirect evaporative cooling, dew point cooling and heat recovery.The main products produced by OXYCOM are: OXYVAP, OXYCELL, INTRCOOLL and PRECOOLL. - OXYVAP is a direct evaporative cooler, which can be used for adiabatic cooling during summer in a ventilation system, as a pre-cooler of the air for a condenser coil, or as a humidifier inside an air handling unit during winter. - OXYCELL is an indirect evaporative cooler for the summer that acts also as a very efficient heat recovery unit during winter. It is the only four season component of its kind available on the market. - INTRCOOLL is a two-stage (Indirect/Direct) evaporative cooling device designed to provide cooling and ventilation for commercial and industrial spaces.It combines state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a stable and comfortable indoor environment with negligible power consumption. - PRECOOLL is an OXYVAP-based solution to reduce condenser loads and maintenance, whilst ensuring maximum energy savings. OXYCOM products for cooling and heat recovery use a patented technology and allow for natural air conditioning with: ·         Energy savings up to 90%. OXYCOM's products have massive impact on: ·         Energy consumption ·         Peak load for electricity networks ·         High quality indoor air through frequent ventilation
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Dhr. J van Eunen
Low energy buildings, Cooling equipment, Waste heat recovery
MissionThe mission of iTernergy is solving technical and scientific problems by providing consultancy, carrying out research, and developing supporting software for the energy engineering and scientific market. It is specialized in thermodynamics and energy technology, and in this way, it aims to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable, and thus better world.ProfileiTernergy has a strong bonding with and many contacts in the scientific world by a long-standing cooperation with researchers of e.g. Delft (TU Delft), Milan (Politecnico), and Brescia. Close collaboration also exists with companies of scientific software engineers and of developers of technology for sustainable energy. iTernergy provides also the general management {kolom} and the software engineering services that are needed for Asimptote's software. This all means that it can provide you with consultancy and software for challenges that go well beyond current technology and practice.SoftwareiTernergy has a profound knowledge of modeling energy conversion systems and working fluids for these systems. This regards properties like thermophysical properties, global warming potential, ozone depleting potential, flammability, and toxicity. iTernergy has an outstanding expertise and long experience in applying these models in system analyses and design in the field of energy technology and propulsion and power, all in combination with professional-quality, high level scientific software development.
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Dhr. T.P. van der Stelt
+31 6 39662149
Industrial Energy Experts
  Industrial Energy Experts focuses on advising industrial companies when it comes to energy saving and sustainable energy. With extensive knowledge about energy, emissions, energy efficiency and sustainability we offer solutions to clients in industry. We have expertise in the field of production processes, concept development, policy and strategy. Our team is small and decisive. Large companies like Tata Steel, FrieslandCampina en AkzoNobel are amongst our clients.
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Dhr. Egbert Klop
088- 520 04 00
DWA, founded in 1986, is active in the built environment, especially where the environment, climate and energy are concerned. The spirit of good stewardship constantly inspires us to make our contribution to a sustainable society by working out in detail and with conviction solutions that reduce the load on the environment and contribute to efficient use of raw materials. We support policy-making, exploration and design, financing, implementation, maintenance and exploitation. We always work closely with the client and other stakeholders to achieve solutions that save energy and are innovative, environmentally friendly and high-quality – as well as being comfortable, practical, safe and healthy. We organise what needs to be organised, carry out studies and support policy-making, experiment, think up and design the necessary solutions, carry out the necessary measurements and calculations, support applications for subsidies and if desired take care of the entire project management. And we can even monitor results and provide after-care when the project has been completed. DWA has room for fresh young talent and mature, experienced professionals. Thanks to this combination, we are a strong, vital company. We attach great importance to interchange of knowledge with one another, with fellow professions, clients and the public at large. We also have strong links with research institutes and educational establishments.
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Dhr. Hans Buitenhuis
Research / Adivsory
Frames has been offering solutions in the international energy market since 1984. Together, we design, build and deliver renewable energy and water solutions, oil & gas processing equipment, flow control & safeguarding systems and modules, as well as integrated solutions like total plants.    At Frames we work directly with you, one-on-one, to optimize processes. We develop innovative technologies and feel it is our responsibility to offer sustainable solutions for energy production. Our solutions are energy efficient and are accompanied by minimal operational costs and minimized environmental footprint. {kolom}   Headquartered in the Netherlands, Frames employs more than 400 people in 15 offices worldwide, each focusing on a specific range of systems and solutions.   Frames Renewable Energy Solutions offers a range of smart technologies for upgrading biogas and capturing and valorizing CO2 from flue gases. Our ambition is to create value for your waste streams.   We have decades of experience in managing and executing complex integrated solutions as well as the building blocks themselves, which means we can offer complete solutions for total biogas upgrading installations. Thanks to a network of international partners and a worldwide supply chain, our clients can benefit from smart solutions and services provided by a strong and flexible project management company.
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Dhr. Nick Ten Asbroek
+31 534 836886
Biomass Energy, Biogas/Biofuels, Biotechnologies, Industrial equipment and processes, Waste heat recovery, Accumulators
Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam B.V.
Vuyk is the independent design, consultancy and engineering company of Royal IHC. Vuyk performs vessel design, equipment design and marine operations engineering tailored to the operational challenges of contractors and owners in the offshore, renewables and dredging markets.   Vuyk has developed a track record in renewables which started with marine operations engineering for offshore wind turbine installation and cable lay. The activities have grown and expanded with the other two activities: equipment and vessel design. The design scope concerns either new builds or modifications or review. All specific expertise apart from general naval architecture or mechanical design, such as FEM or hydrodynamic analysis is performed in-house.   We aim at long term partnerships with our customers. We believe that only In close cooperation with our customers, we are able to create functional designs that simply work.   {kolom} Design to Function
  • Integrated knowledge of operations, vessels and equipment
  • Independent, client specific, no nonsense, safe solutions.
  • Simple and proven when possible, ground breaking when needed.
  • Experience with multiple types of vessels, equipment and marine operations.
  • All disciplines available in-house.
  • Established in 1979, active in renewables for over 15 years
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Dhr. Kuno van den Berg
Wind Energy, Research / Adivsory
Windchallenge Holland
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Dhr. Eline Mertens
+31(0)6 83526941
Wind Energy, Smart grids
IBK BV is one of the  largest independent industrial refrigeration engineering companies in the Netherlands. Driven by ambition, we constantly push forward the boundaries of environmentally focused refrigeration and air conditioning. Our experience covers a broad range of industry sectors:
  • Food Production
  • Cold Storage & Distribution
  • Brewing & Distilling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Leisure & Ice
  • Slaughtery and poultry
IBK BV is a Total Solutions Provider, working in partnership with customers, from design through to commissioning and maintenance. Our cooling solutions enable end users to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and drive down lifecycle operating costs. IBK BV pioneers groundbreaking refrigeration technology for the benefit of customers and the environment. Our track record of award winning products and services is growing by the year. Established 1964, IBK BV has over 80 employees nationwide. We provide fast response 24-hour technical support throughout the Netherlands and beyond.
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Dhr. Robert de Vries
06 3190 3270
District Heating/Cooling, Cooling equipment, Waste heat recovery
Technip Benelux B.V.
TechnipFMC is a leader in the refining industry and is committed to meet the world’s energy challenges by leveraging its refining experience to provide alternative “green” energy and biobased products through the delivery of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil (FPBO) technology which converts biomass into pyrolysis oil. Pyrolysis oil is a renewable, second-generation bio-liquid that can be used as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels for the production of renewable energy and chemicals. FPBO technology transforms non-food lignocellulosic biomass into liquid. All kinds of biomass residue, such as wood residues, straw, sugar cane bagasse, and sun flower husks − can be used. Pyrolysis oil is easy to store, transport, and conveniently used in versatile applications including heat, power, transportation fuels and in bio refineries for a bio-based economy. TechnipFMC delivers complete turnkey FPBO plants, based exclusively on BTG Bioliquids (BTL) FPBO licensed technology. BTL’s experience in the design and commercial operation of one of the world’s first FPBO production facilities (Empyro located in the Netherlands) combined with TechnipFMC’s global strength in technology, engineering, procurement and construction, fosters our joint commitment to provide our customers with proven technology, EPC expertise and commercial pyrolysis oil production facilities.
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Dhr. Koos Overwater
Biomass Energy, Biogas/Biofuels, Industrial equipment and processes, Waste heat recovery, Research / Adivsory
Colubris Cleantech
Colubris Cleantech is a collective of specialised brands with over 30 years of experience in environmental technologies. We are committed to purifying industrial wastewater, separating a wide range of waste flows and offering a variety of bioresource solutions. We work towards to a circular economy. 5 Brands The 5 brands Ingenieursbureau Schneider, Redox Water Technology, Redox Waste Recycling, K-Pack Water Technology and UCY Waste-Water to Energy complement each other with their specific branche knowledge and worldwide network. They reinforce each other without compromising each of their own core competences. Colubris Cleantech and her brands is now a global player that has already realised more than 1,700 projects in 70 countries. These projects include complete industrial wastewater treatment plants including water reuse and valorisation of residual flows, waste separation plants and bioresource projects. These complementary expertise within one organisation are unique in the industry.
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Mr. M.J.B.M. Nijrolder
+31(0)543 55 13 70
Emergi is a renewable energy technology start-up. Our mission is to create social impact by developing sustainable energy products for emerging markets. Emergi’s ‘Cooltainer’ The Emergi Cooltainer is a solution to a clear and observed problem in markets with limited or no cold-chain, such as in Sub-Saharan Africa. In order to keep produce, meat or fish cold or frozen, current cold storages usually operate on diesel-powered generators or unreliable grid electricity. Generators consume great amounts of diesel making for a very costly and polluting system. An average diesel generator for a cooling installation will consume at least 60 litres of fuel a day, emitting more than 2500 grams of CO2 per litre of diesel. Additionally, whatever the source of electricity (solar PV or generator) a traditional refrigeration unit uses CFCs or HFCs which are extremely potent greenhouse gasses as well. The Cooltainer presents a zero-carbon and zero-electricity cold storage solution – using sustainable and cost-free solar thermal energy (heat) to maintain cold or freezing temperatures (50C to -50C) in a shipping container-size storage unit. The underlying technology is a methanol-activated carbon solar adsorption refrigeration module that is mounted on the unit. It seeks to diminish the use of conventional power sources and replace them with a clean alternative. The Cooltainer presents a massive improvement in environmental sustainability while offering a very attractive business case.
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Mr. R. van Hoolwerff
+31(0)6 53 22 93 25
Solar Energy, District heating/cooling, Low energy buildings, Industrial Equipment and processes, Cooling equipment, Accumulators, Advisory
Kolmer’s electric motors have an important role to play in contributing to environmental sustainability in Holland. We regard this as our responsibility within the CSR-policy (Corporate Social Responsibility) and as such, this commitment is applied to the motors themselves as well as to their different areas of application. The motors are designed for circular use and nearly all of their parts are recyclable. Together with customers and suppliers, our technicians produce extensive and versatile energy-saving solutions. Generators for wind turbines are a good example, while our products are also applied in tidal turbines, a fascinating technique for generating “green energy” in which our motors play an important part. Kolmer also works at improving the environmental impact of pumping stations through the use of fish friendly pumps. As well, we supply a wide range of smaller motors for building construction. Kolmer motors also help realize substantial energy savings in maritime environments. In the coming years, ships will increasingly be propelled by diesel-electric power. Presently, Kolmer Permanent Magnet motors supply energy for purely electric propulsion, a development much appreciated by national authorities. Another important environmental aspect of our motors’ construction for industries is their insusceptibility to damage from aggressive substances or seawater. A longer motor lifespan results in reduced need for raw materials. Sustainability: the power of Kolmer!
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Mr. J. Spanhaak
+31(0)341 36 96 96
New Cosmos - BIE
New Cosmos - BIE is a supplier of stationary, portable and personal gas detection equipment, mixing high qualified gas detectors with smart forms of communications suitable for applications in a wide range of industries. You can find our detectors in production areas (clean rooms) for solar panels, in and around fuel cells, at hydrogen filling stations, but also at biogas plants. With more than 60 years of experience in gas detection, New Cosmos - BIE serves beside Europe, also customers in the Middle East and Africa. Our mission is to create a safer global environment with a reduced number of accidents. Our Strengths: Sensor technology in house • Over 60 years’ experience • Reliability • Unique selectivity • Long life time • Extended range of sensors for different gases Solution for the following markets: New energy markets • Oil and Gas exploration • Chemical and Petrochemical • Automotive industry • Laboratories • Micro electronics • PV industry Product range: Fixed gas detectors • Portable gas detectors • Personal gas detectors Control panels • Software supervision systems • Grease and Oil particle meter • Residential detectors Services: Maintenance • Upkeep • Repair • Training • Survey
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Mr. D. Boereboom
+31(0)6 53 12 11 99
Petrogas Gas-Systems BV
“We have the world on loan from the generations that will follow us and must care for it in good stewardship. Ultimately, responsible global energy production will become completely based on renewable sources of energy. Petrogas Gas-Systems has a key role in that future vision and is continually applying its expertise in new, innovative ways. In the decades it will take to transition to a renewable energy system, we will provide the technology that makes it possible to use the planet’s reserves and natural resources with maximum efficiency.” This is the vision of Dutch engineering and manufacturing company Petrogas Gas-Systems, specialized in the development of ‘tailor-made’ turn-key process systems. Rather than merely work for you, our aim is to team up with you to get the best results the quickest. Our broad range of knowledge is best illustrated with project examples such as: • waste heat recovery through an inter-company steam distribution network; • waste plastic-to-oil process system integrated into a multi stream waste recycling plant; • retrieval of waste carbon dioxide from flue gas to generate synthetic gas to reduce emissions and increase efficiency; • a biomass steam reforming reactor currently installed at TU Delft for research on further improvement of the process. Since we are in a transition phase from fossil to renewable forms of energy, Petrogas also offers a range of process systems in oil&gas industries.
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Mr. J. van den Pol
+31(0)182 56 53 95
Solarus Sunpower B.V.
3x more energy Solarus develops and manufactures the next generation concentrated solar PV-T system: The PowerCollector. It is a unique and patented hybrid collector that produces both heat as well as electricity. With its innovative design it generates up to 3x more energy from the sun compared to regular solar panels. When there is a permanent need for heat: Our PowerCollector is the best solution. Markets Our technology has been installed at hotels, hospitals, (food) process industries and apartment buildings. Especially in (urban) situations with limited roof space Solarus makes the difference: with its high yield of energy the available space can be utilized maximally. Energy as a Service We not only produce PowerCollectors, we also offer “Energy as a Service”. We design, finance, install and operate a total energy solution, in which the PowerCollector is an important - but not the only - element. No upfront investment needed, but you’ll save energy and costs from the start! Together we get further With business partners around the world we accelerate the adoption and realization of our technology. We are always looking for experienced companies that would like to work with us to develop markets. A new kind of company We are not only producing a sustainable product, the company is also doing good, by being good. Our B-Corp certification emphasizes Solarus’ commitment to leave a positive impact on society & environment.
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Mr. J. Brinkman
+31(0)77 302 09 88